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Book summary: 2k to 10k

Book summary: 2k to 10k


“2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love” by Rachel Aaron provides practical tips and advice for writers. It’s divided into two parts: writing process and background work.

Part one discusses a process for writing quickly and efficiently, which is based on three factors: knowledge, time, and enthusiasm. It encourages understanding what you’re going to write before you start, optimizing your writing sessions based on when/where you’re most productive, and writing content that you’re enthusiastic about.

Part two shares advice on plotting, character development, and editing. It provides a five-step process for plotting a story and emphasizes the importance of well-developed characters with agency. It also breaks down the traditional three-act structure, the concept of scenes serving multiple purposes, and provides a practical approach to editing.

The book underlines that writing is an enjoyable process, characters should be designed to drive their stories, and editing is a skill that can be mastered. It encourages authors to shift their thinking and approach to writing, making it both an enjoyable and efficient process. The final objective of editing, according to the book, is to enhance the reader experience.